6th Special Track on

Grid and Cloud Computing in

Biomedicine and Life Sciences

Porto, Portugal, 20-22 June 2013

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Papers are invited (but not limited) to the following themes:

  • Grid/cloud infrastructures, middleware and tools;

  • Grid/cloud applications: service and/or algorithm design and implementation;

  • Best practices related to solving large-scale problems on grid/cloud infrastructures;

  • Parallel algorithms using MPI or OpenMP to address scalable processing of data;

  • Exploiting modern parallel architectures including FPGA, many-cores and multi-cores for parallel applications;

  • GPGPU parallel algorithms using OpenCL or CUDA;

  • Security and privacy preserving in grids/clouds;

  • Innovative approaches for the exploration, storage, processing, delivery and/or visualization of biomedical information;

  • Big Data computing platforms to attain high levels of reliability, efficiency, availability, and scalability;

  • Identification of novel applications that can exploit Big Data computing and determining how this paradigm should evolve to support emerging data-intensive applications;

  • Grassroots experiments on the synergy between human and machine reasoning when dealing with Big Data;

  • Workflow Management Systems;

  • Scientific gateways and user environments;

  • Inferring new knowledge from databases by using data and text Mining methodologies and techniques;

  • Web services and cloud computing for biomedical applications: comparative studies;

  • Using biomedical ontologies for advanced cloud computing-based biomedical applications: requirements, experiences, limitations;

  • Real cases, testbeds and international projects facing

  • (a) Biomedicine, bioinformatics and healthcare;
    (b) Climate change models and health challenges, etc.;
    (c) Applications for developing countries.

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