FDCMSS is a new sketch based algorithm for mining frequent items in data streams. The algorithm cleverly combines key ideas borrowed from forward decay, the Count-Min and the Space Saving algorithms. It works in the time fading model, mining data streams according to the cash register model. Full details are available in the paper "Mining Frequent Items in the Time Fading Model", by M. Cafaro, M. Pulimeno, I. Epicoco and G. Aloisio. Available on arXiv.

Download source code.


iGrid is a Grid Information Service originally developed in the context of the European GridLab projetct. The service uses port 19000, which is officially IANA registered.

The iGrid distributed architecture is based on two kind of Information Services, the iServe and the iStore enabled web services. The iServe supplies information about a specific resource, while the iStore aggregates information coming from registered iServe. The Information Service is based on a relational DBMS (we use SQLite as back-end) and utilizes an efficient information caching policy. It can handle information extracted directly from the computational resource where the server is running on. Thus iGrid has system information providers and allows users accessing information. The implementation includes system information providers outputting XML. The web service itself is based on the gSOAP toolkit, and the underlying communication layer is based on the P2P Chimera protocol.

GSI Plugin for gSOAP

This project provides a gSOAP plugin for building secure web services using the Globus Toolkit GSI infrastructure. Using this package you can take advantage of the HTTPG (HTTP over GSI) protocol to develop GSI enabled web services and clients.

The software has the following features:
•based on the GSS API for improved performances;
•extensive error reporting related to GSS functions used;
•debugging framework;
•support for both IPv4 and IPv6;
•support for development of both web services and clients;
•support for mutual authentication;
•support for authorization;
•support for delegation of credentials;
•support for delegation of delegated credentials;
•support for connection caching;
•support for timeout management;
•support for automatic client-side credential renewal;
•support for automatic retrieval of VOMS attributes on gLite 3.0 middleware.